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Cialis Dosage

Most men come googling for Cialis dosage recommendations in two cases: when they have lost the original Cialis package insert and can’t remember how many pills to take and when they are about to enjoy a pleasant unexpected nookie and can’t afford to waste time looking for the little paper from their Cialis bottle.

Besides, some guys simply want to know if their Cialis dose can be adjusted in order to improve their sexual performance even further or to make side effects milder. Even though adverse effects are usually observed in less than 10% of the users, they can still cause certain discomfort to some men, which, luckily, can easily be avoided by changing the dosage.

The main aim of this article is to provide all necessary advice to people looking for Cialis dosage directions as well as to show how adjusting your Cialis dose can affect the performance of this medication and the quality of your sex life in general. Please, take the time to read the whole of it as it contains very important specific information that will not only answer your questions but also help you understand the way Cialis works for you.

What is Cialis?

This part of the article is intended for people who are only beginning to take Cialis in order to get rid of erectile dysfunction. If you have been using this medication for some time already and have received this information from your healthcare provider, feel free to skip this part and go on straight to the next one where we will discuss different types of Cialis and the way they can help you enhance your sexual performance.

Cialis belongs to the type of medications called PDE5 inhibitors. Its active ingredient, Tadalafil, works by lessening the effect of PDE5 – an enzyme that weakens the body’s natural ability to respond to sexual stimulation with an erection hard and lasting enough for a successful sexual intercourse. Once the levels of PDE5 are lowered and normal communication between nerve endings in pelvic area and blood vessels is restored, you will regain the ability to engage in healthy sexual activity without any difficulties.

Being one of the most popular medications used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Cialis also remains unsurpassed in terms of duration of action. It will give you a chance to enjoy perfectly rigid erections for up to 36 hours after you take the pill. Additionally, if you go for the version of Cialis intended for daily use, you will no longer have to time your sexual activity and will remain ready for action at all times. Such duration of action is due to longer half-life of Tadalafil as opposed to its main alternatives – Sildenafil and Vardenafil (used in Viagra and Levitra respectively).

There are currently several versions of Cialis available on the market – brand-name Cialis and several generic meds using Tadalafil as their main active ingredient. Brand-name medication is manufactured by US-based Lilly ICOS Ltd. and costs between $10 and $40 per pill depending on the country you’re buying it in. Licensed generic versions of Cialis are manufactured by several dozens of pharmaceutical companies around the world and usually cost between $1 and $5 per pill. Note, that generic Cialis works exactly the way the brand-name medication does – but only if it comes from a reliable manufacturer and a reliable online or land-based pharmacy. If you don’t want to run into a counterfeit Tadalafil-based medication that works worse that brand-name Cialis or doesn’t work at all, always make sure you’re shopping in a reputable store by checking its reviews and customer rating in any pharmacy directory you can find online.

36-hour Cialis vs Cialis for daily use

The manufacturers of Cialis have recently surprised their customers by announcing that Cialis is now available in a brand-new form – that of lower-strength pills designed for daily use. Thus, if you don’t want to time your sexual activity, restricting it to the few hours/days following the moment you popped your Cialis pill, you have an awesome alternative option. Just take your pills every day and be perfectly ready to surprise your partner with perfect sex any time you want to. In the following paragraphs we will talk about each of these two versions of Cialis in more detail and compare them in order to help you find your ideal Cialis dosage and schedule.

Note that both versions of Cialis are currently available as brand-name and generic meds. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the original pill or its cheaper alternative – you can go for either of them, regardless of the type of Cialis you choose.

Cialis for daily use


Cialis for daily use currently comes in two strengths: 2.5 mg and 5 mg of Tadalafil per pill. If you want to know which one fits you better, we strongly recommend that you discuss it with your healthcare provider – or, at least, start off with the weaker one. If it proves to be effective enough for you, there will be no need to switch to the stronger one, thus avoiding possible side effects.

It’s somewhat difficult to find generic Cialis for daily use these days as for not all manufacturers of generic ED medications have already started producing this weaker version of the original med. In most of the cases you will still have to go for the brand-name medication. Alternatively, you can get a pill splitter and simply cut your regular 10 mg or 20 mg tablets into the required number of segments to switch to daily consumption. 10 mg pills would probably be preferred as you would have to cut the 20 mg ones into 4-8 pieces, which might be challenging and result in uneven consumption of Tadalafil, which can alter its effect. Anyway, the point is that you can still adjust your Cialis dose for daily use even if they only sell 36-hour Cialis in your city or country.

Cialis for daily use works by slowly building up and maintaining the optimal concentration of Tadalafil in your blood, which is why you shouldn’t expect it to start working immediately after you take the first pill. It usually takes 4-5 days for this medication to start working but when it does, it will never stop – as long as you don’t forget to take your daily Cialis dose and don’t skip any.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of Cialis for daily use is pretty obvious – this sweet little pill gives you the chance to enjoy sex whenever and wherever you want to. There’s no more need to keep a pill in your wallet and take it with you everywhere you go. There’s no more need to distract your partner for up to 45 minutes that it takes the pill to start working. The change will be oh so obvious – you will feel like you’re 20 again, always ready to get down and dirty with your SO or enjoy an unexpected little fling without any discomfort.

Besides, there are significantly fewer side effects reported by men on Cialis for daily use as opposed to those who prefer its 36-hour version. See, side effects usually occur when the concentration of Tadalafil in your blood reaches critical levels – for instance, when you take an extra Cialis dose or consume this medication along with some substance that can make your body absorb it faster. When taking low-strength Cialis for daily use, you will hardly ever hit that concentration, which makes this version of the pill not only more convenient but also considerably safer.

The only disadvantages that we can mention when talking about Cialis for daily use are as follows. First, you need to take it every single day without any exceptions – if you miss doses too often, you might not always be as ready for sex as you would like to be. Besides, as we have already said above, it takes low-strength Cialis a few days to start working, so you will have to be patient while waiting for your sex drive to come back to you. Finally, going Cialis for daily use is a little more expensive than choosing the 36-hour pill, which is also important to many.

Recommended daily Cialis dosage

Of course, it is your healthcare provider who defines what your perfect Cialis dose is – but you’re most likely to be recommended to start off with one 2.5 mg pill daily – provided you’re not suffering from any health conditions that might speed up or impede the absorption of the medicine. If it doesn’t prove to be enough to bring your virility back to you, your doctor will probably recommend you to go up to 5 mg daily.

Please, remember that you are not allowed to use several different ED meds at the same time – for instance, take Cialis for daily use together with 36-hour Cialis or some similar medications. If you’re having problems getting your daily Cialis to work for you, you might be advised to try other medications – but never to increase the dose so that it exceeds 5 mg per day.

What can affect the dosage?

There are certain health conditions and substances that make people more susceptible to the effect of Tadalafil or, on the contrary, alter the way it works so that you don’t feel any effect. Please, consult your doctor prior to taking the pill if you have any kidney or liver disorders, stomach ulcers or any other diseases that might affect your digestive system. Besides, you should refrain from eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice when taking Tadalafil as there are certain compounds in grapefruit that make it digest faster, which means that all of it will be sucked into your circulatory system almost at once, which is very likely to cause an overdose. Alcohol, on the contrary, may dull the effect of Tadalafil when consumed in excessively large amounts (more than 5 glasses of wine or 5 shots of hard liquor), so don’t be surprised if you can’t get an erection when drunk – even on Cialis. Moderation is the key to success here, don’t forget about that!

What should I do in case of overdose?

Even though it’s very hard to overdose on Cialis for daily use, you should still stick to prescribed dosage at all times. If you took two pills in one day by mistake and are not noticing any side effects, feel free to keep taking the medication according to your regular schedule. If, however, you took more than 2 pills or noticed such serious side effects as pain, tingling or numbness in the chest, severe dizziness or nausea, seek emergency medical help immediately. The same applies to all cases of priapism when you get an erection that just won’t go away for more than 4 hours. Priapism is a serious condition that can cause permanent damage to penile body and should always be treated as seriously as it’s only possible.

What should I do if I miss my daily Cialis dose?

If you miss your daily Cialis dose, take it as soon as you remember about it and continue with your regular schedule starting from the following day. Never double the dose as it may lead to potentially dangerous consequences.

Some people tend to skip certain days intentionally in order to save on pills or for other reasons, which is something that you shouldn’t do, for sure. Cialis dosage in pills intended for daily use has been carefully calculated in order to ensure the best possible effect, so failure to adhere to the recommended schedule may compromise your potency.

36-hour Cialis


Choosing the right Cialis dosage for the 36-hour version of the drug is as easy as for the daily one – there are only two strengths available to choose from, namely, 10 mg and 20 mg. Just like with the low-strength version, you will most definitely be advised to start from the 10 mg one – and if that proves to be ineffective, you will have a chance to switch on to 20 mg pills.

By the way, there’s a little money-saving secret that we will gladly share with everyone reading this. In spite of being twice as powerful, 20 mg pills don’t cost twice as much as 10 mg ones. Thus, just get yourself an $8 pill cutter in the nearest pharmacy, split the 20 mg pills in halves and… Bingo! You’ve just turned a package of 20 mg pills into two packages’ worth of 10 mg pills, all at a very low price. And no, that’s not dangerous or less effective than buying the original 10 mg pills – if you split the pill more or less evenly, each of its halves will contain exactly 10 mg of Tadalafil. Now all you’ve got left to do is enjoy your sex life and count your savings!

Advantages and disadvantages of 36-hour Cialis

As opposed to Cialis for daily use, the alternative version of this medication intended for use on as-needed basis seems to have more disadvantages. It causes more side effects, it makes you time your sexual activity more carefully instead of just being able to enjoy it at any moment… However, there’s at least one thing that many men can mention in order to counter the claims of daily Cialis fans. Hey, how often do you have sex? Once or twice a week? Then why the hell would you want to spend your money taking these pills every day? Of course, low-strength Cialis is cheaper than the 36-hour pill but you will still save more with the latter in the long run.

There’s also that widespread rumor stating that Cialis is dangerous for your health, which is why not many men are willing to start taking it on regular basis. Well, let us bust that myth: your daily Cialis dose comprising 2.5 or even 5 mg of Tadalafil is almost harmless – at least, as harmless as all other meds you might be taking. Nothing to worry about here!

Recommended 36-hour Cialis dosage

The main rule that you need to remember when trying to calculate your perfect Cialis dose is the following: you shouldn’t take more than 1 pill per day under any circumstances. Tadalafil stays in your system for up to 36 hours, which means that consuming more than you’re recommended to will make its concentration in your blood go up above critical levels, causing hypotension, headaches, muscle pains, sudden loss of vision and hearing and/or priapism.

You might be advised to take 10 mg or 20 mg around 30-45 minutes before expected sexual activity – but there are very few doctors that would recommend you to go beyond those amounts. And remember – you shouldn’t mix Cialis with any other ED drugs either. It might make your potency hit the roof but it’s also very likely to cause serious side effects that we’re sure you don’t want to experience.

What should I do in case of overdose?

Overdosing on 36-hour Cialis is much more dangerous than doing the same with pills for daily use. Even though it’s hard to take more than one Cialis when you’re supposed to pop it on as-needed basis, some extremely forgetful (or extremely inebriated) individuals can still do it. If you suspect that you have taken more than 1 pill within the past 24 hours, contact your doctor or seek emergency medical attention immediately. Even though 2 or even 3 pills are not likely to cause any dangerous side effects, it can still happen and be a threat not only to your health but even to your life, which is why it’s better not to wait for the onset of any suspicious symptoms but to contact your health provider immediately.

So, this was our little article aimed at helping you pick an appropriate Cialis dosage suiting your needs and overall health condition. Follow these simple rules and never hesitate to ask your doctor a question or two – this way you will get Cialis to work perfectly without any unpleasant side effects.